The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party trio

The Dinner Party is a collective, free-improvising trio made up of:

  • Anglo-Russian pianist Vladimir MillerMoscow Composers Orchestra and Notes From Underground
  • Italian double-bassist Pierpaolo Martino – a founding member of avant-jazz ensembles Mondegreen, Howl and Machine3
  • British saxophonist Adrian Northover – known for The Remote Viewers and London Improvisers Orchestra

Unlike many improv ensembles the trio privileges a meditative and even ‘melodic’ approach to improvisation in which silence, unvoiced sounds and the specific grains of the instruments become of paramount importance.

The Dinner Party have recently released their second CD for FMR, Wednesday Afternoon.

“The Dinner Party is somewhat a-typical for a free jazz and pure improvisation trio, because they make very melodic and sometimes almost meditative music in which silences and soft passages are essential. This produces exciting and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful music, which regularly reminds you of film music, in the sense that the music subtly evokes images… Nice nice.” Moors Magazine

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