Other Projects

Vladimir Miller has recorded and toured with a variety of ensembles, including two duet albums with drummer Ken Hyder. Recent projects include:

Cold Warm – with Ken Hyder

bitter sweet island – with Alex Nowitzwittgenstein’s nephews

No Going Back – with the Krugly Band


Vladimir Miller piano, compositions, arrangements

‘Krugly Band’ Orchestra:
Alexey Kruglov alto sax, bassethorn, prepared alto sax, declamation, arrangements
Masha Kruglova voice
Olga Sorokina soprano sax, flute
Anton Kotikov tenor sax, alto flute, duduk, prepared tenor sax
George Gorbov baritone sax, clarinet
Rost Kochetov trumpet
Max Durov trumpet, flugelhorn
Anton Zakharov trumpet
Fedor Senchukov trombone
Maksim Piganov trombone
Andrey Savelichev trombone
Slava Keizerov trombone
Stas Cheremushkin tuba
Denis Shushkov double bass
Peter Ivshin drums, glockenspiel, percussion

“progressive, multicoloured, 70-minute phantasmagoria… scored and improvised jazz which demonstrates extraordinary breadth of style and a decidedly fervent attitude in its performance” (AP Reviews)