New Modest Trio CD ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’


Vladimir’s new CD ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ is available now on ASC Records.

Performed by the ‘Modest Trio’ of Vladimir on piano, Joe Williamson on double bass and Arkady Gotesman on drums, the album features Vladimir’s arrangements of Mussorgsky‘s 10-part suite.

“This particular interpretation of mine and the trios commits itself to improvisational extrapolation, where each section of the suite is treated as way in to collective simultaneous exploration. The suite has such colour, richness and depth in its harmonic language that I felt it would lend itself to a free and sustained jazz orientated approach. Recorded in St. Cyprian’s church, Bakerloo, London, we wanted the sound to resonate with the echo and ambiance that may be heard if this music were to be played in an exhibition hall. Thus, with the wonderful, musical, flowing flexibility and ingenuity of Joe on double bass and Arkady on drums and percussion, this recording was made possible.”
Vladimir Miller