Solo Piano Album release

Vladimir’s solo piano album Themes of Memory is now available for download and streaming from:
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Vladimir writes:

“Memory is a strange phenomenon, often digressing or meandering according to our reflected notion of or image of that triggered thought. Our memory or the accounts of our people’s memories can have particular outcomes. Memories in general are personal accounts that can be expressed in diary form and visual cues, or there are simply those that remain unconsciously lingering in our minds and in the minds of others. It is this in particular that intrigued me: the idea of trying to recreate hidden memories and expressing them in sound and composition.

All the other titles are in one way or another connected to memory. What did you say, for example, is suggestive of the horrifying consequences of memory loss whilst Kurakin’s diary is a reflection of the discovery of the diary of my maternal grandfather, Constantin Kurakin, who lived as a child in Tsarist Russia and escaped the turmoil and conflicts after the revolutions in 1917.”