Live December 2017

Vlad Miller and Notes From Underground live


31st December  2017
St Pancras,
Grand terrace,

30th December 2017
Benares Restaurant,
Berkeley Sq,

25th December 2017
Stand hotel,

Friday 22nd December
Oliver’s Jazz Bar
9 Nevada Street
London SE10 9JL
Time: 9PM

Saturday 16th December 2017

Map Studio Cafe

46 Grafton Road
London NW5 3DU
Phone: +44 (0)207 916 0545
Doors open 20.00
Entrance £8 at the door or £7 in advance

New CD from Vlad Miller and Notes From Underground


Wintertide is the new CD from Vlad Miller and Notes From Underground, an album of original tracks recorded at Map Studio, Kentish Town, London.

“We thought it was appropriate to record these new pieces as we’ve been playing them in clubs and venues in London for quite a few months now and people have been asking for CDs or downloads to listen to, which is exciting,” says Vladimir Miller, pianist and composer of most tracks on this CD.

Each piece on the album tells a story, such as ‘Rift’ (a misunderstanding between friends leading to cracks in the relationship and a drifting apart) or ‘Caprice’ and ‘Contradictions’, both musical comments on political leaders and politicians who attempt to inform and persuade us. ‘Wintertide’ was written to go alongside a weather forecast, whereas ‘Film Music’ was written as a theme for a imaginary drama series. ‘Russian Rodeo’ describes a driving experience on the busy Moscow highways that are rife with unusual and worrisome driving behaviour.

Wintertide is available now from ASC Records